Most people have accepted average bank accounts...

...average rates of return, and average fees. Most people don’t ask questions about who is making money off of them. And most people accept that big banks must be fine, or otherwise they wouldn’t be big. But you are most definitely not most people! You eat average for breakfast, crowd surf for lunch, and fly to the moon for dinner. You don’t settle for status quo; you strap it to dynamite and blow it to smithereens. You’re the kind of person who wants a little more say so, and a lot more fairness when it comes to your money.

That’s why you belong at Volt Credit Union.

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Really Though,
Here’s How We Do It

Banks are accountable to their shareholders. We are only accountable to you and our other members. That means that if our members think we should do something, we can pretty much just do it. This is why we can lend money significantly cheaper, offer help with way less red tape, and why we can pay our people to focus on making your life better, instead of padding the pockets of wall street.

When you put your money at volt CU, you are an owner, and you have access to cheaper loans, checking accounts that pay you, no silly fees, and people who know you by your face, your favorite team, and even the kind of car you drive. We believe people are people, not just numbers, and that’s what brings us to work every day.



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