Online Banking

The Warren Buffett of Money Management

Truth is, “Banking Hours” are only convenient to bankers. That’s why we offer 24-hour online banking to our members. You deserve access to your money at any point in the day. That’s why you’ll love our website and app.


Here are some things you can do online with volt:

  • Obtain up-to-the-minute balance and history information

  • Transfer money between shares and loans

  • See if a check has cleared and view cancelled checks

  • Look up recent transactions

  • Stop payment on a check

  • Get year-to-date tax information

If you can do it at either of our locations, there’s a good chance you can do it online! It’s time to demand more out of the people who manage your money. It’s time to revolt against banking as usual.


21st Century Bill Paying

There was a time when you got paper bills in your mailbox every month, and you have to pay it the same way. We’re talking about an envelope, a stamp, a paper check, a trip to the post office, and a prayer that it gets there, hopefully in time to avoid a late fee. Yes, really. That’s how they did it before we landed on the moon, and some banks still do it that way today.

We’ve traded all of that trouble for a click. You can take care of your expenses in a matter of seconds, with no variables along the way. You can also review pending payments, or schedule automatic recurring payments so bills can take up even less of your day. Or you can stick with the Pony Express. Your call.


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