Start Collecting Your Dividends

“I own a ‘bank’.” Feels good, doesn’t it?
Here’s what you do; hop in your buggy, scoot on down to Volt CU, slap an Abe Lincoln down on the table, ink a few signatures and you’re in. Open an account with $5 or more to become an official shareholder of volt Credit Union, and your money will be working for you, instead of Wall Street. As a member of Volt CU, you’ll be in the club with the best rates, the fewest fees, and a host of other unfairly smart people like you who are calling bull on big banks. Oh, and you’ll also start getting paid like an owner with the most handsome dividends in the market.


Santa Works All Year to Pull off Christmas. You Can Too!

We believe the holidays should bring you joy, not take it away . The volt Holiday Club was designed to help you save your pennies throughout the year so you can give with a warm heart when the holidays come. Use our automatic deduction to regularly contribute to this special account and wake up to a stocking full of cash just in time for Black Friday!

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It’s Time to Overthrow Overdraft Fees

Overdraft fees are a low blow—the hurts donut of banking. We believe in helping you build your wealth, not picking it away from you bit-by-bit. Enroll in volt Overdraft Protection to automatically transfer funds from your savings when times get tight.


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