We love helping you buy the car or home of your dreams, but did you know we can help you finance the fun stuff too… or at least the things that make work more fun?

From ATV’s to farm implements Volt has your back. The general rule of thumb is: If we can look up a legitimate value on it, we will finance it! That doesn’t mean that we are going to finance your Pokemon Card collection though, let’s be reasonable about it.

Want to do a little backcountry riding on a dirt bike, ATV, or UTV, but you don’t have the scratch? We will finance it. Looking to get yourself into a tractor or maybe you need a new farm implement? Volt will bankroll it! Tired of pushing around that old mower? Let us help you get into something with a cup holder!

Whatever it is that helps you relax or get through your chores in style, you might as well check with Volt first. What’s the worst that could happen!?