Youth Accounts

Money, Baby!

Diapers aren’t getting any cheaper, and neither is college. We believe that healthy habits start early, and we want to help in setting that example. Be the hero of your baby’s financial future by opening up a savings account before they turn 3 months old and volt will put the first $5 in.


Kids Club

Learning about saving can be fun! Savings tips, entrepreneurial ideas, and help from your credit union can show everyone the benefit of being a responsible volt Kid. You might even be able to teach mom and dad a few things soon.


Welcome to the Big Leagues
(Ages 13-17)

You’re swinging hard for the fences of adulthood, and we wanna make sure you have plenty of practice. The Claim Your Youth Club is for teenagers, but this is where we start treating you like an adult! Get your own checking account, debit card, plus ATM access and even loans (subject to approval).


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